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Accelerate Sales Cycles

  • Build trust and credibility faster by leveraging peer-to-peer selling
  • Easily create a centralized database of all references, customer evidence, marketing content, and other sales assets
  • Find and activate the right customer advocates and right content at the right time for the right sales opportunity
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Track Everything in Real-Time

  • Track usage of customer advocates to manage relationships, avoid reference burnout, and automate reward programs
  • Track opportunities with real-time intelligence so your sales and marketing teams can move opportunities along faster and more effectively
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Strategic Growth Made Easy

  • Integrates and connects with your existing sales, marketing, customer success and customer engagement platforms to provide an end-to-end picture and revenue influence of customer advocacy.
  • See which marketing and sales assets your buyers see and are motivated by, to measure the ROI of each and shift your strategic focus towards assets that end in positive buying outcomes
HP selected RO Innovation as the most experienced and visionary reference management provider in the market. With the reference integration in Salesforce.com, we have been able to incorporate HP's customer reference program into the sales cycle. Now for the first time in HP history, we can track the benefits of references in real-time.

Senta Cermakova Worldwide Director of Customer Reference Program, Hewlett-Packard

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