Sirius Decisions Research Briefs

RO Innovation is consistently looking to bring our customers and the Customer Advocacy community the latest and greatest information though leadership, insights, trends and research.  That is why we have partnered with Sirius Decision to leverage their expertise. SiriusDecisions empowers the world's leading marketing, sales and product professionals to make better decisions, execute with precision and accelerate growth.

Below are some relevant and topical pieces that we thought you might find interesting and informative.  And hopefully, you will learn about something that you didn’t know.  Enjoy!

Customer Advocacy

Customer Advocacy Programs: Asset Options

This brief outlines a framework for planning a range of options for customer advocacy assets according to the segment of the buying cycle or customer lifecycle being supported, including guidelines for when it is appropriate to request customer participation.

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Using Technology to Drive Customer Advocacy

A range of technology solutions help marketers streamline advocate sourcing, asset production and overall management of advocacy activities. But which ones do you need? Get a framework for aligning your advocacy goals with the correct technology solutions.

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Pulse of B2B Customer Advocacy

The Pulse: The State of B-to-B Customer Advocacy and Reference Programs

Customer advocacy is an increasingly popular marketing discipline. Get insights into how companies are positioning, resourcing and measuring advocacy programs – and how it's been changing over the past few years.

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