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Did you know that studies report 65% of a sales rep's day is spent doing non-revenue generating activities? Think about all the hours that adds up to and all the revenue being lost as they search for "stuff" to send prospects! Yikes!

Use RO Innovation's sales enablement ROI calculator to determine:

  • Cost of your current sales processes - in headcount, hours and revenue lost
  • Increased revenue and sales capacity by using a smarter sales enablement tool
  • Revenue increase when you call the sales enablement shots

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Secrets to Sales Enablement Success

The Voice of the Customer Advantage

The center of today's most successful sales enablement programs isn't a fancy process or some "Powerpoint on steroids" technology - it's the advocacy of a satisfied customer. You know...the ones that are ready and willing to help you win new business by using their voice, story, testimony and reference during sales cycles. When you put that advocacy to work in the buyer's journey, those happy customers become your best and most effective sales assets.

Amazing things happen when you use sales enablement to:

  • Leverage the right voice of your customer at the right time to drive buyer trust, differentiate your value and win business faster
  • Integrate sales & marketing workflows, customer intelligence and relevant content to create greater efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team
  • Prove real-time effectiveness of sales enablement content and attribute revenue driven by customer advocacy