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How to Get a 360 View of Customers in a Multiple CRM World

Driving new business. Retaining existing customers. These two sides of the coin have a very big thing in common: the data needed to effectively engage with prospects and current customers alike usually resides in a CRM. And these days…it’s likely in multiple CRMs.

When disparate customer data resides in multiple CRM’s, it creates big challenges and risks for sales and marketing teams. A 360 degree view of customers is necessary to properly engage customers in the right context, but when that data lives in many different places it becomes a major challenge for customer marketing teams.

RO’s latest eBook helps customer marketers:

  • Better understand the multiple CRM scenario macro trend that's becoming commonplace in B2B companies
  • How to deal with major challenges of multiple CRMs when transitioning to a ‘customer first’ organization
  • Discover various hybrid solutions that solve for ‘customer first’ marketing and sales initiatives when disparate CRMs exist

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