Common Thread Trust

Today's Reality: Your Buyers Don't Trust You!

It's sad but true. Buyers today view B2B marketing messages as disingenuous; pivoting on spinned messages and jargon. They know that there’s a certain level of honesty and truth that's getting masked in that buzz, so they question - if not flat out distrust - it.

Recent studies show buyers believe only 3% of marketers are trustworthy. That’s why buyers go elsewhere seeking the truth about your brand.

Who DO they trust?

Their peers. Peers, which coincidentally happen to be some of your current customers.

Are those customers helping you? Or hurting you? Do you even know? The good news is, you probably already have exactly what you need to fix this trust issue. You just haven't activated the opportunity. 

When Marketers step back and understand what's REALLY influencing our buyers - interactions with human beings, not pre-built messages - we are able to literally take a page from our buyers' playbooks and be better about the ways we engage buyers to build their trust in our brand. We can find ways to leverage and activate that trusted voice of information through every interaction, in every stage of the buyers' journey, and through every department our prospects and customers engage with at our companies.

Common Thread Trust

We are able to make the voice of the customer the common thread running through all aspects of our business. We are able to impact revenue smarter and be more successful. To learn more, read this quick blog post. 

Optimize BUYER Trust via Peer-to-Peer Influence. See How It Can Be Done Today!


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