Common Thread Revenue

Customer Advocacy Touches Every Aspect of Business

There is one common thread that runs through every stage of the buyer’s journey. It runs through every stage of the customer lifecycle. It even runs through every Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Success strategy.

It’s the voice of your customer.

Your customers' opinions, testimony, ideas, advocacy, activities and success stories impact every aspect of your business. Activating their voices strategically has been proven link tying existing customers, strategic business activities and new customers together. Customer advocacy is the key to success in modern business. It’s the opportunity literally sitting beneath your nose just waiting to be optimized.

Voice of the Customer

Prove the BIG Revenue Impact of Customer Advocacy NOW

Revenue is the literal translation of advocacy’s role throughout marketing, sales, customer success and reveals its impact on driving new business. 

When executive managers finally see and understand how many touchpoints customers are influenced by their advocacy and the number of departments advocacy improves, they often change their opinion. They realize customer references and customer advocacy is not just some dinky tactical program sitting over in the corner.

It’s truly a trategic value driver.

With the right technology stack and correct integrations within it, the common thread of advocacy’s impact on revenue is easily and seamlessly connected.  Learn which systems you should be connecting and how it can be done seamlessly in this blog post.

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