Business Case eBook Part 3


How to Pitch a Winning Case for a Customer Advocacy Program


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You know your company needs a customer advocacy program. You know it will affect positive change and impact revenue. You know the stats, info and trends that demonstrate this is a viable option. All that’s left is to pitch the formal case to management.

But what should you say? Who should be at the meeting? Will you be convincing? What questions will they have? Have you considered everything you need to change the status quo and secure their support?

Developing a winning business case for a customer advocacy program means demonstrating to multiple stakeholders how the current costs of the status quo (NOT having a program) is detrimental to their overall business objectives. Download Part 3 of the “Building a Winning Case for Customer Advocacy Management” eBook and get your hands on:

  • Cheat sheets with priorities of each major stakeholder involved in the decision, and what to say to secure their approval
  • Head start template for your presentation
  • The common pitfalls to avoid when pitching your program
  • Scripted answers to the most common objections you’ll hear
  • The stages and milestones of selecting a customer advocacy solution



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