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HOW to Debunk the Biggest Myths Surrounding Customer Advocacy Programs


Many organizations turn a blind eye to customer advocacy programs. Many times, it stems from a simple lack of understanding of the impact it can have – from increasing lead generation to shortening sales cycles to increasing sizes of upsells. Executives often think customer advocacy is just a “warm fuzzy” and often give a multitude of excuses for why there is not enough resources to dedicate toward these kinds of initiatives. In reality, these excuses are just misconceptions that need correcting.

If you struggle with getting executives to take you seriously about customer advocacy initiatives, download Part 2 of the “Building a Winning Case for Customer Advocacy Management” eBook to learn:

  • How to quickly debunk the top 5 misconceptions organizations have about customer advocacy programs
  • Why customer advocacy is the common thread for business success
  • Why the rising trend of peer to peer selling is vital for future business survival
  • 20+ stats that prove peer to peer selling is key for maximizing marketing investments



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