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Why are Customer Advocacy Programs Vital for Success?


Customer advocacy programs engage, organize, amplify and share your customers’ stories in ways that create market impact, differentiate your brand and sell your product or service. But many organizations view customer advocacy as just a ‘warm fuzzy’ and not a true business discipline that can influence revenue growth in a huge way.

If you struggle with getting executives to take you serious about launching a customer advocacy program, download Part 1 of the “Building a Winning Case for Customer Advocacy Management” eBook to learn:

  • How to get executives to understand the benefits of a customer advocacy program
  • Define the differences between advocacy, references and referrals
  • Show how customer advocacy benefits nearly every department at your company
  • Define the elements of a formal customer advocacy program
  • Case studies from your peers with successful customer advocacy programs
  • Considerations for building a solution in-house versus purchasing software to manage everything



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