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Keep Happy Customers, and Catch Up with Buyers

Buyers now control the purchasing cycle, making customer references an essential piece of the B2B sales tool set.

Only 33% of buyers trust what a seller tells them, but 92% trust what another buyer tells them.

Building a customer reference program helps you both protect and utilize your customer references – placing your organization on the fast track to trust, value, and more signed contracts.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to create a best-in-class customer reference program
  • How to get sales, marketing and stakeholder buy-in
  • Best practices and tips from your peers

This resource is designed to help B2B sales, marketing and customer reference managers work together to create a thriving customer reference program. When customer references are easy to access, the result is not only happy, engaged customer references, but a surge in revenue influenced by your company’s best assets – your happy customers.

Set Up Your Program For Success